Children & Adolescents

Giving children and young adults the emotional tools to navigate the confusing swirl of new and often scary emotions is an empowering gift. The confidence that comes with these skills allows them to move through their own world with an ease stemming from knowing how to handle joy and sorrow without being sidelined by these emotions.

Ashley started her career working with children as an in-house therapist for the Los Angeles school district. She provided individual and group therapy for elementary and middle school aged children. Her techniques include a combination of psychotherapy and mindfulness based practices.

By starting young and helping children and adolescents create a better understanding of themselves (mind, body and spirit) they are given the tools for success in all areas of their lives. Goals can be accomplished with more ease if children are taught resiliency, emotional intelligence, and self regulation. They can take solace knowing that they are not alone, but simply experiencing what every human being goes through. 

Ashley believes that teaching emotional regulation and understanding of emotions will help children and young adults have the emotional intelligence needed to get through their lives with more ease and comfort.

Ashley sees children as young as 4 years of age for either individual psychotherapy and/or meditation and mindfulness skills.

I find such joy working kids and young adults. I love helping them learn about themselves. I am passionately committed to teaching them the emotional skills needed not only to be comfortable with their emotions, but to also help strengthen their overall emotional intelligence.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Ashley or call (310) 210-1155.